One of the main highlights on the Wii U right now is Zombi U, a thrilling first-person action game where you try to survive against an onslaught of the undead, while seeking out whatever supplies you can get your hands on.  If you somehow missed out on it, however, or you've just been waiting for a sale, that time has come.

Ubisoft has officially marked down the online eShop edition of Zombi U, which lets you download the game right to your system memory or hard drive (depending on the model).  You can get it now for $41.99, a pretty swell deal considering it's usually $60.

But that's not all.  Other Ubisoft games are also on sale at 30 percent off, including Just Dance 4, Rabbids Land and Assassin's Creed III.  A word of warning, however – some of these games are data hogs and take over 10 GB of space, so make sure you have the sufficient memory to download 'em.  Otherwise, stick with the disc versions.

The sale runs through February 26th, so you may want to hurry along…