The classics have returned, and this time you can take them anywhere.

Sony, following a similar business model to what Microsoft did with Game Room on Xbox Live Arcade a while back, has released a new app for PlayStation Vita called PlayStation Home Arcade.  The app itself is free and comes with two unlocked games – WipeOut 2D and Icebreaker – as well as a demo for a third game, Scribble Shooter.

But the real article of interest are the classic games that you can play on it.  Two Intellivision revamps, Astrosmash Gen2 and Shark! Shark! Gen2, are available; Atari favorites Centipede and Asteroids can be purchased; and Konami classics Frogger and Time Pilot are also available.  You can also purchase original games like Mad Blocker and Scribble Shooter.  They go for $1.49 apiece, and can be purchased either through the PlayStation Store or in the app itself.

The games are cross compatible with PlayStation Home on PlayStation 3, so when you buy them, arcade cabinets open up that you can walk up and play however you please.

Check out PlayStation Home Arcade now.  It's actually pretty fun!