It was inevitable.  Someone had to fire an opening salvo for the forthcoming next generation of video game consoles, and it looks like Sony is loading its cannons.

The company announced yesterday that it will be holding its latest PlayStation Meeting on February 20th in New York, and though it didn't specify what would be shown at this meeting, it did invite us to "see the future", indicating that this would be the place where we will get our first glimpse of the PlayStation 4 console.

The previous PlayStation Meeting in 2011 unveiled the PlayStation Vita system, which then launched last year, so it wouldn't be a surprise if Sony gave us an early peek at the system before going all out for a promotional push during E3 2013, taking place in June in Los Angeles.

Now the only question is how Microsoft will respond.  The company was rumored to be revealing its next Xbox system sometime before GDC in March, but now it may bump up those plans in an effort to keep up with Sony.

Check out the teaser announcement at this link.

And if you can't make the event, don't worry, it'll be streamed here for all the world to see.  We'll post the details here as soon as we get them.