Sony is ready to finally get into the swing of summer with a huge sale on PlayStation Network that will kick off on July 3 and run for one week only through July 9.  During that time, you’ll be able to pick up some great games for 30 percent off, or, if you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber, at an even bigger discount around 50 percent off.  And there are some great deals here, too.  Here’s the full list!

Gotham City Impostors: $10.49 ($7.34 with Plus)

NBA Jam On Fire Edition: $10.49 ($7.34 with Plus)

Shadow of the Colossus: $13.99 ($9.79 with Plus)

Infamous Festival of Blood: $6.99 ($4.89 with Plus)

Crysis: $13.99 ($9.79 with Plus)

Killzone 3 Multiplayer: $10.49 ($7.34 with Plus)

Closure: $13.99 ($9.79 with Plus)

Jurassic Park: $13.99 ($9.79 with Plus)

Worms Ultimate Mayhem: $10.49 ($7.34 with Plus)

The House of the Dead 3: $4.89 (3.42 with Plus)

Real Steel: $6.99 ($4.89 with Plus)

Some great deals here.  The most noteworthy, we think, is Shadow of the Colossus HD for under $10.  Very nice.  House of the Dead III and Crysis are certainly steals as well.  And who can deny NBA Jam?  That game is just multiplayer fire right there.

Hop on the sale starting this Tuesday!