As if The Last Guardian didn’t already have another backlash going for it, another damaging blow could very well send the game further into development hell.

It’s being reported today that long-time Sony Computer Entertainment Japan producer Kenji Kaido, who worked with Team Ico on both ICO and Shadows of the Colossus, has left the company. He made the statement over Twitter, stating, “This August, I left Sony Computer Entertainment. My plans for the future are undecided as of now, but for the time being I’m going to continue my summer vacation.”

This move is the latest to strike Team ICO, whose work on The Last Guardian reportedly continues, despite staffing problems that have shaken up the project over the past few months.

Kaido has been with Sony since 1997, first getting his start working on Taito games before transferring over. He’s worked closely with a number of Team Ico staffers to get the most out of his projects, as you can clearly see from Shadow of the Colossus. Amazing stuff.

Good luck to Kaido wherever he ends up. And good luck to The Last Guardian team as well. We hope it releases some day.