The long-awaited add-on to the Star Wars: The Old Republic universe is a mere weeks away – and it's jumbo-sized, just like the Hutts!

Rise of the Hutt Cartel will feature a story that picks up right where events from the main game conclude where a a massive strike was launched against the Imperial planet of Dromund Kaas (or visiting the Dark Council, if you've taken the Sith route).  From there, you'll make your way to theplanet of Makeb, where the Hutt pose a bigger threat than either side could have imagined, butting in to intergalactic affairs.

The game comes with a new level cap (55) as well as a new ability for each class, multiple quests to complete both on and off planet, flashpoints, operations and gear.  And you'll also score access to exclusive goodies if you pre-order the game before April 13th, including a Makrin Seedling mini-pet, a Dr. Oggurobb Hutt holostatue, and the title Scourge of the Hutts.

You can check out the expansion on April 14th for PC.