Tim Schafer's Psychonauts is considered one of the more original and entertaining games of the previous generation, enthralling thousands of gamers with its hilarious platforming antics and memorable boss encounters as the daring Raz jumped around from mind to mind. But if you somehow missed out on him the first time around, fret not -- because he's coming back.


No, not in Psychonauts 2 (we can always dream). Instead, Sony has announced that it is unleashing the original PlayStation 2 game Psychonauts on PlayStation Network this coming Tuesday as part of its PS2 Classics initiative. The game will be completely intact, with all its levels and graphical beauty in tow for $9.99.


We can't recommend checking this game out enough. It's loads of fun and will teach you what Schafer's genuine lunacy is all about.


Now then, about that Psychonauts sequel…