Things are picking up for the Nintendo 3DS.

The company has posted its latest earnings report for the first quarter, and have reported that the Nintendo 3DS, its latest handheld system, has posted 19 million units sold worldwide as of June 30 – a huge number considering its lackluster launch from last year.

Unfortunately, that couldn’t entirely save the company from suffering yet another huge loss in the industry.  The same report indicated that the company has a net loss for the first quarter in the amount of 17.23 billion yen (roughly $220 million).  Though not as bad as last year’s 26 billion ($332 million) loss, it’s still concerning news.

"Compared to the quarter a year earlier, global sales of Nintendo 3DS hand-held game hardware increased 162 percent, while Nintendo 3DS software rose 63 percent," Nintendo noted. "In addition, the company announced that as of July 25, 2012, it was no longer selling Nintendo 3DS hardware below manufacturing costs."

We’ll see if the company can bounce back with the Nintendo Wii U later this year…