Nintendo is pushing its new 3DS XL handheld something fierce, not only selling the system on its own, but also introducing a new Flame Red bundle that includes Super Mario 3D Land pre-installed in the system.  However, it appears that's not the only bundle making the rounds.

Nintendo has announced a new 3DS XL bundle that will be available in stores starting December 2nd, going for the price of $199.99.  In this bundle, you'll find a spanking new blue Nintendo 3DS XL system, along with a pre-installed copy of the highly regarded racing game Mario Kart 7.  (It's pre-installed onto the memory card, not the system – just so you know.)

This is a swell deal, giving users a game to play right out of the box that will allow them to race against friends online through the Nintendo Network.  Obviously some parents and other people will be marking this on their Christmas lists, and for good reason.

Be sure to pick up these 3DS bundles at your local game store.  Oh, and buy us one.  As always.