Despite the release of the Nintendo 3DS XL (with its larger screen and more comfortable build), the regular 3DS continues to be a strong selling unit for the company.  With that, it's prepared a special new bundle, just in time for those killer Black Friday sales.

The new bundle will include a Nintendo 3DS Flame Red model, along with a copy of Super Mario 3D Land pre-installed digitally into the system.  You might recall that a bundle came out last year featuring a cartridge packed in with the system for a limited time.  This appears to be a bundle set to introduce a downloading initiative for the system, since you can buy retail games through the eShop now.

The bundle goes on sale this Friday, November 23rd, and goes for $169.99.  Not a bad deal if you want to get into the 3DS for the first time, even though a newer Mario game, New Super Mario Bros. 2, has been released.  3D Land makes better use of the system anyway…

We'll have a Black Friday deal wrap-up for you later this week, so be ready to shop!