Don't you hate it when giant bugs land on your planet and try to run all over the place?  Isn't it annoying when nasty aliens show up that have nothing better to do than try and lay waste to buildings?  When nasty aliens show up, the Earth Defense Force is on the job.

A new gameplay video for the upcoming Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 sequel Earth Defense Force 2025 has made its way to the Internet.  Though it's laden with a little bit of slowdown, the bug carnage is unprecedented.  You can do a major amount of damage either on foot or with a vehicle; these things don't stand a chance.

Though the game doesn't have a U.S. release date yet, D3 Publisher is working to bring the game to our shores sometime this year.  You can check out Earth Defense Force 2017 in the meantime, which is available on Xbox Live Marketplace for a meager $15.

Here's the trailer for 2025's gameplay.  Warning: it's a bit bloody, but oh so good when it comes to Earth-powered justice.

Look for a strategic preview on the game soon!