Simultaneously, Namco Bandai teased a Dark Souls Facebook announcement and Australian magazine PC PowerPlay teased a forthcoming issue with the tell-tale Dark Souls death message "You Died".

The Facebook announcement is a popularity contest: if the Dark Souls page gets enough likes, the secret within will be revealed.

The PC PowerPlay teaser image was posted on Evil Avatar by "El Presidente", whose signature states, "Writer for the Australian gaming magazine PC PowerPlay and Hyper."

Thank you NeoGAF for the directions.

PC gamers petitioned Namco Bandai to release Dark Souls on PC. In seven days, the petition rose from 7000 signatures to more than 65,000. Namco Bandai's attention was officially captured.

The Facebook announcement may also be for Dark Souls PS3 and Xbox 360 DLC. So far, none has been released. That extra content could be put in the PC version, much in the same way The Witcher 2 developer CD Projekt Red has made extra content for the looming Xbox 360 version - content that will also be available on PC.