Sigh.  You’ve got these companies that are working so hard to make eSports a legitimate competition thing around the world, and then you run into a conspiracy that threatens to bring everything they fought for crashing down.  It’s a sad sight.

Last night the finals for League of Legends took place at the Major League Gaming Raleigh event.  It was filled with plenty of exciting matches, with players giving it their all in an attempt to score big cash prizes for their team.

When it came to getting into the final round of the game, attendees at the event were a bit shocked to see what they found.  The two final teams, Curse NA and Team Dignitas, executed a round using an All Random All Mid tactic, or ARAM for short, where, instead of developing a genuine strategy, they simply chose random characters and fought it out in the middle lane.

Shortly thereafter, MLG decided to investigate to see what was going on, and it reportedly found out that members of Curse and Dignitas had discussed matters before the match, stating that they had colluded together, offering to split the winnings no matter who got first and second place in the match – a big no-no by MLG rules.  As a result, both teams were disqualified, and the third and fourth placed teams got the cash instead.

Both teams agreed with the MLG ruling, apologizing to the fans for the collusion, but it looks like the damage has been done, as it’s been rumored that both teams have been banned from MLG competitive play for the time being.