By God, we wanted it. And now it looks like we’re about to get it. (And by that, we mean a sequel to the awesome Castlevania: Lords of Shadow.)

Today, Konami unveiled a new teaser website called “The Dragon Returns” with the date of 5-31-12, which is when Konami will host its annual pre-E3 press conference. In addition, they released the above teaser image, indicating where the next battle could take place for the destined hero.

Now, in case you’re confused on the Dragon reference, Dragon means “Dracul” in Romanian, which could easily interpret as Dracula. Furthermore, the source page for the site indicates “CLOS Teaser Page”, along with the sentence “Dare you face the evil darkness? It is written that the creatures behind that door will return very soon to claim the souls of your loved ones, and send you straight to hell! Be aware!”

Along with the hinted Castlevania 3DS game we talked about earlier this week, this is VERY good news. We’ll be hitting Konami’s booth at E3 for sure.