You might be familiar with Kim Swift and the team at Airtight Games who previously teamed up to bring Quantum Conundrum to consoles last year.  They've returned with an exclusive new project coming to the OUYA console this year.  Ready for some Soul?

In Soul Fjord, you play as a warrior straight out of the 70's complete with afro and mustache wielding an ax and a shield to battles medieval enemies.  A weird mix to be sure, but judging from the trailer, it looks quite potent.

The game will feature rhythm based combat with a fine groovin' soundtrack.  It has plenty of dungeon crawling across randomly generated areas, so the game changes up each time you play.

Though the game doesn't have a release date as of yet, it is expected to arrive later this year, just in time to give the OUYA the necessary push for exclusive game experiences.  We'll bring you a strategic preview of what to expect once we get a better look at it.

In the meantime, get funky with the game's trailer and don't forget your gold chain!