Are you still not thrilled by the forthcoming return of Jet Set Radio on consoles?  We played the game a few weeks back on both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and had a little time with the Vita version as well, and we can’t tell you how thrilled we are that the game is back on the beat.  But what if we told you that it’s coming to other platforms as well?

Sega has announced that it is bringing Jet Set Radio HD to Android devices, as well as Apple’s App Store, where you’ll be able to download it onto your compatible iPhone and iPad devices.  The game is expected to be a pretty solid port, complete with most of the original soundtrack intact and some great looking visuals for a downloadable game.  However, it will have touch screen controls, which you’ll need to get used to.  The game will also enable OnFeint sharing, as well as the ability to use your device’s camera for creating graffiti.

No word on a release date, but Sega did say summer, so here’s hoping sooner rather than later.