It's that time of the week again. Sony has announced that it will add another must-have classic to its Instant Game Collection for PlayStation Plus subscribers starting tomorrow – and it's none other than the 80's inspired action-fest Hotline Miami.

In the game, you don one of many animal masks and make your way through seedy levels filled with enemies who deserve to be put down. It's not that easy, though, as you only have one life, and they can kill you just as easily as you'd kill them. You'll have to think quickly if you want to survive.

The game will be free for both PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3, so don't hesitate to try it on both platforms.

In addition, a small handful of discounts will also be available on several games, including the Alien Breed trilogy ($2.50 apiece, $5.75 for all three) and the various Halloween games we talked about previously in the news.

On the downside, Rayman Origins for PS Vita will be leaving the Instant Game Collection on October 29th, so download it when you can!