While we were sitting at the E3 press conference earlier this year, following the conclusive fireworks that were supposed to bring a big bang to end the show, me and my colleagues sat there and went, "That's it?  Where the hell is Metroid?  Where's Zelda?"

We weren't the only ones.  Within minutes of voicing our displeasure in the show, others explained, "Hey, we wanted the big guns, too.  Nintendo should bring this franchise back" and so on and so on.  Now Nintendo did kind of vindicate themselves at the New York event last week, especially with Bayonetta 2 and a couple other game projects, but now's the time that the company should really think about bringing back some of the dedicated franchises we grew up with.

We know Smash Bros. is incoming, thanks to a partnership with Namco, but what else can the big "N" bring back to the forefront?  Well, we've got five big ideas, and while you may not want all of these, certainly there has to be one that sticks out in your mind that makes you go, "Yeah, that'd be PERFECT for the Wii U."

Let's begin the rundown…

The Legend of Zelda

Yes, I already know that Nintendo is working on yet another version of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for the Wii U, and, what's more, I'll probably buy it like I did the 3DS version.  But there's no question the fans need a new entry in the series, and while there's one rumored to be coming in 2014, I can't help but think what could be done in the meantime.

I saw rumors earlier this year about a Zelda HD Collection, one that would feature The Wind Waker, Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword, redone in high definition and making fine use of the GamePad touch-screen.  And you know what?  This is a brilliant idea.  Price it at $39.99, make the graphics look absolutely spectacular, and it'll be a hit that'll last long enough until 2014 rolls around.

Just think about it, Nintendo.  For Link's sake.


I can't help but think that the Metroid franchise should get a fresh start, especially after the mixed reaction that Metroid Other M got on the Wii a couple of years ago.  It wasn't a completely bad game, but there were some ideas that just didn't go over well, not to mention the fact that Samus was so limited in areas, rather than being the kick-ass queen that she is.

With that, I propose a return to the Metroid Prime formula.  Utilizing the touch-screen as an aiming device of sort, introducing some cool new TV screen-to-GamePad techniques, and making a 1080p graphically powered world would be just the thing that fans would want.  And now that the Nintendo Network is capable of running some good multiplayer, Nintendo could easily introduce online functionality to the series for the first time – and in good working order.

I know Retro Studios is busy with other stuff (just not sure what), but they could easily fit this on their plate and bring us back to the world of Metroid.  It's be awesome…


This flying space series that has been going for years now definitely has staying power.  Nintendo proved that earlier this year when they released StarFox 64 3D for the Nintendo 3DS, complete with multiplayer functionality and redone visuals to make it feel like it fits better in this generation of gaming.

That said, we need some new room to fly.  And I'm not necessarily talking about a game that has ground missions, I mean a return to form for vehicular action, like what StarFox 64 innovated in so long ago.  Get out the tank, cruise around in the underground ship, and, of course, get in an Arwing and do some damage, with high-definition visuals and funky controls that take advantage of the GamePad.  I'll even take some competitive multiplayer as well, or, hey, what about some co-op?  Can you imagine flying in a group of four along with your friends?!  (I just feel bad for whoever's stuck playing as Slippy…)


When last we saw this amazing, high-speed futuristic racing franchise, it was on the GameCube, with Sega AM2's brilliant treatment through F-Zero GX (and its arcade counterpart, AX).  It was a beautiful sight, packing 60 frames per second frame rate and pinpoint controls that the series grew up on.

Well, it's been a while since we've seen this series, and I can't help but think that the Wii U is a proper place for a comeback.  F-Zero Wii U would be the ultimate game, packing online multiplayer, a track design tool (hey, it worked for the 64 DD, right?), gorgeous 1080p graphics and the kind of gameplay that keeps you on edge, whether you use a Wii remote or a GamePad.  This is a franchise we would certainly welcome back with open arms.

Eternal Darkness

Okay, this one is a bit of a long-shot, especially considering the state of Silicon Knights these days.  But Nintendo doesn't entirely need to be thinking a brand new game.  How about a remake of the classic GameCube edition, one that would take advantage of the GamePad's innovative control scheme and freak out a whole new generation of gamers?

Let's be honest, at its time of release, there was literally no game like Eternal Darkness on the market, with its haunting yet unforgettable graphics and its ridiculous "mind-screw" situations that left you wondering just what the heck was going on.  A game as deep and rewarding as this was definitely deserves a second chance at life, and the Wii U seems like the ideal place to put it.

So what franchises would you like to see come back to the Wii U?  Sound off!