After weeks of teasing and some leaked gameplay footage that revealed stuff that was nothing short of awesome, Ubisoft finally lifted the veil off of its forthcoming downloadable shooter Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon today, with a trailer that's absolutely phenomenal.

The trailer (which you can view here) features 80's style animation as a robot army walks all over humanity, relying on Mark IV Cyber Commando Sergeant Rex Colt to step in and do what he does best – kick some ass.  Though the gameplay footage is rather brief the trailer oozes 80's culture aplenty, complete with great music by Powerglove and a gusto-filled voiceover by actor Michael Biehn of Aliens and Terminator fame.

The release date for Xbox on May 1st and April 30th for PS3 has been confirmed for both Xbox Live and PlayStation Network and you aren't required to own the original game in order to experience its awesomeness.

We'll have a strategic preview for the game following its release, so be sure to check back for more weapon details and obscure 80's references.