Deadly Premonition is one of those games that should be bad based on its shoddy presentation, and yet there's something about it that keeps drawing us back in.  Maybe it's the story or maybe it's just how weird it really gets.  Regardless, the strangeness of Premonition is spreading to the PS3 soon.

Rising Star games has announced that the game will be releasing on the system on April 30th.  It's the "director's cut" of the game, with updated controls and graphics, as well as an all new scenario for Agent York to explore while he tries to figure things out.  Reserving the game will also give you access to additional downloadable content, something that is said could change the game to make it even weirder.

We'll be getting a look at it next week at the Game Developers Conference, so we'll have a full report soon thereafter.  That is, if we're not confounded by the things that happen in the game.  It's weird…but delightfully so.