When Deadly Premonition came out a few years ago for Xbox 360, it developed a cult following that made the game a surprising hit.  Now the game is ready for its second pass, this time on the PlayStation 3.

Rising Star Games has confirmed that Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut will be arriving in both retail and digital form on April 30th.  In the game, you'll guide special agent Francis York Morgan as attempts to solve a bizarre murder mystery while dealing with strange happenings and creatures.

The "director's cut" includes lots of new content, such as a better control scheme (with the option to revert back to the original if you prefer), a graphic makeover and extra content like new outfits and the option to play in 3D.

Rising Star has released a new launch trailer for the game here.  In addition, you can read our impressions of the game in our strategic preview.

If you like your mysteries with unpredictable twists, Deadly Premonition will definitely be up your alley.