As previously announced through a Nintendo Direct special a couple of months back, Nintendo has scheduled a release date for its Coin Rush DLC for New Super Mario Bros. 2, providing a number of new challenging stages for players to take on to earn more coins.  This DLC is set to release here in the U.S. starting October 4th, and the packs will run you $2.50 each.

Three packs will be available upon release – the Gold Rush Pack, the Coin Challenge Pack A, and the Nerve-Wrack Pack.  Though details on the packs weren't given, dedicated players will be hard pressed to collect every single coin they can within the allotted time limit.

And that's not all.  Nintendo has confirmed that more DLC packs will be released throughout October and into late November, with possible tie-ins to the forthcoming Wii U game New Super Mario Bros U.  That hasn't been confirmed yet, but it would be interesting to see if Nintendo could pull it off.

If you like virtual coins more than real money, it's a fair trade-off!