Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed is a wonderful racing game, one that takes the basics of kart racing and turns them on their ear as you transform and race across land, sea and air, using a number of familiar characters from the Sega universe.  It's also a terrific multiplayer game, as you can race against others either online or locally in split-screen action.

One benefit to the game is being able to unlock stickers.  These stickers equate to Achievements on Xbox Live and Trophies on PlayStation Network (you can get them on Wii U and PS Vita as well), and they're nice little collectibles to boot.  But the real question is – can you get all 52 of them?  Yes, 52.

Here now is a helpful Achievement Hunter guide, walking you through the steps on how to snag all 52 stickers within the game.  Some will take a bit of effort (we've provided a few tips to help you along), but just keep your pedal to the floor and you'll earn them in no time.


All Stars

Description:  Collect every Star in World Tour 

Tip: This is probably one of the toughest, as you have to complete each course on the highest difficulty available – good luck!

Arrow of Light

Description:  Freeze an opponent with Ice from at least 100 meters away. 

Tip: You'll need skillful aim for this one, but we did it with no problem.

Ax Battler

Description:  Finish a Battle Race without losing any lives. 

Tip: This one should be easy – just don't get hit!

Battle Outrunner

Description:  Do five overtakes in a single Drift. 

Tip: Wait for a cluster of racers to get together, then slide right past them with a drift.

Blast Processing

Description:  Hit two opponents with a single Hot Rod Blast. 

Tip: Wait for two cars to get close together, then let them have it!

Buzz Bomber

Description:  Hit 1st, 2nd and 3rd place with a Swarm attack. 

Tip: Again, wait to throw it in front of a group!

Catcher Pitcher

Description:  Absorb a weapon with the Glove and fire it back at your attacker. 

Tip: Keep the glove handy until you see a drone or another projectile coming your way, then activate it.

Cosmic Smash

Description:  Detonate the Hot Rod at the very last second. 

Tip: Again, a matter of skill, but it can be done.

Crack Down

Description:  Get a total of 20 hits with weapons in a race. 

Tip: Pick up as many as you can in each lap – they're scattered about, so it should be relatively simple.

De Rol Le Credits

Description:  Unlock Superstar Showdown in World Tour. 

Tip: This one takes time, but a lot of these racers are definitely worth it, like the awesome Joe Musashi.

Drift More

Description:  Get a Perfect Drift score on a Drift Challenge event. 

Tip: This one takes practice, but you can always retry if you don't get it right.

Eyes On The Road

Description:  Hit an opponent with a weapon while looking backwards. 

Tip: This is especially good for enemies that follow you closely – the blowfish is most effective.

Fighting Vipers

Description:  Evade or Block a homing-weapon three times in a race. 

Tip: Try to utilize catching gloves the best you can, or drift close to walls.

Gale Racer

Description:  Get a Podium Finish in every Grand Prix tournament on Expert difficulty. 

Tip: This takes a lot of effort, but with enough practice you can get it.


Description:  Triple-Stunt while transforming into a car or boat. 

Tip: Rolls work best here, with a few taps of the analog stick – much quicker than flips.


Description:  Complete a World Tour event on Expert difficulty. 

Tip: The sticker really says it all here.


Description:  Unlock Mirror Grand Prix mode. 

Tip: You'll need to complete a number of tracks to earn this, but they're worth it.

House Party of the Dead

Description:  Complete an event with four local friends. 

Tip: Just invite them over and complete a race.

Justice Shot

Description:  Get 10 hits by firing weapons backwards in a single event. 

Tip: Stick with the blowfish or ice blasts to unlock this one.

The King Of Speed

Description:  Finish 1st in a Grand Prix tournament at Expert difficulty. 

Tip: This one might take a few tries to get through, but it's worth it.

Link Chain

Description:  Complete the Dream Valley Ring Race and passed every Ring as NiGHTS or Reala. 

Tip: Don't be afraid to do some restarts in this one to nail every ring – it does take a little practice.

Lock On Sight

Description:  Score 90% accuracy with aimed weapons in an event. 

Tip: Time your shots for this one.

Magic Second

Description:  Finish 0.5 seconds ahead of an opponent in a race. 

Tip: Maybe hesitate off the gas for a few seconds while someone catches up, then use a boost to stay just ahead of them.

Mega Jet

Description:  Do a Reckless Boost. 

Tip: Pretty easy to activate if you come bouncing off a wall.

Meteor Strike

Description:  Collect 10 Stars in World Tour. 

Tip: Relatively easy, you should have it in just under a half an hour.


Description:  Play 10 Matchmaking games as a random character. 

Tip: Go online and run wild!


Description:  Visit every location in the game. 

Tip: Takes time, as there are 21 tracks in all.

Parts Shop

Description:  Won an event with a Mod equipped. 

Tip: This one is pretty easy, as you can unlock a mod about 15 minutes into the game – just switch it during driver selection and hit the road.

Piko Power

Description:  Win a even in Roulette Road as Amy 

Tip: Very easy, just pick it on the stage select screen and go with Amy.

Puyo Pop'ed

Description:  Get 25 hits with the Blowfish. 

Tip: You'll get this in just about an hour, as you pick up blowfish very often during races.

Race Leader

Description:  Win a Matchmaking game. 

Tip: Win your first online race, very easy.

Racing Hero

Description:  Get a Podium Finish in every Grand Prix tournament. 

Tip: You can do this on the easiest difficulty setting.

Racing Transformed

Description:  Turned All-Star 

Tip: The All-Star power-up is very random, so keep an eye out for it and don't hesitate to use it.

Rank B

Description:  Earn your B Class License. 

Tip: Tthe first of the three available licenses, easy to secure.

Rank A

Description:  Earn your A Class License. 

Tip: The second of the available licenses, takes a little more effort, but worth it.

Rank S

Description:  Earn your S Class License. 

Tip: One of the tougher licenses in the game, you'll need to be a driving expert to acquire this one.

Scud Racer

Description:  Finish 1st in a race without getting hit by weapons. 

Tip: Stick close to the walls and try to gain a substantial lead – maybe on easy difficulty setting.

SEGA All Star

Description:  Earn your Star License. 

Tip: Complete all the courses on easy setting – simple.

SEGA Super Star

Description:  Earn your Triple Star License. 

Tip: Complete all the courses on the expert difficulty – you'll need to chip away at this one.

Shadow Step

Description:  Do 10 stunt combos in a single event. 

Tip: You can earn this in stages with multiple jumps and drop-offs, like Super Monkey Ball's Temple Trouble.

Sonic Drift

Description:  Do a 10-second Drift as Sonic. 

Tip: Easy- you can earn this in the Panzer Dragoon stage alone on a long turn.

Spin Dash

Description:  Do a Boost-Start in each vehicle mode. 

Tip: Hold down the A button at the right time, just before a race starts.

SUMO Wrestled

Description:  Beat your first Staff Ghost in Time Attack. 

Tip: Relatively easy, depending on which track you choose.

Takes AGES

Description:  Unlock every character in the game. 

Tip: Takes a couple of hours, but AGES – a Sega logo that transforms into characters from various games, is the final one.

Team Sonic

Description:  Finish 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th with local friends in a 10-player race. 

Tip: Find some good racers and win!


Description:  Do a Level 3 Air-Drift. 

Tip: Hold down the drift long enough that you see an indication of the level 3 on-screen, then let 'er fly!

Virtua Trickster

Description:  Roll left, roll right, backflip, forward flip and land as a car or boat.

Tip: Simple off a huge jump – the Panzer Dragoon track has a couple of them.

Vyse The Legend

Description:  Beat 01:11:16 in Time Attack as Vyse in Rogues' Landing 

Tip: This one takes some practice, but worth unlocking.

Welcome To The Fantasy Zone

Description:  Finish 1st in a Grand Prix tournament. 

Tip: You can do this on the easiest setting, so have at it.

Welcome To Victory Lane

Description:  Finish 1st in every Grand Prix tournament on Expert difficulty. 

Tip: This takes a lot more effort.


Description:  Beat all the Staff Ghosts in Time Attack. 

Tip: This will take you some time, but remember to drift often and use boosts and power-ups to your advantage.

You Got The Horn

Description:  Level up a character. 

Tip: You'll get this just a few races in.

We hope this sticker guide helps you in unlocking everything in Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed.  It's still a lot of fun to play even if you can't get everything, so don't be too worried about that.