Syndicate's mix of weaponary, melee attacks and breaching offers players a palette full with ways to dispatch foes. In our extensive playthrough, we discovered that mastering them is key to success.

As part of the behind-the-scenes coverage in our Syndicate Official Strategy eGuide, we talk to Starbreeze developers Mattias Snygg, Viljar Sommerbakk, and Rickard Johansson about the best tactics and tricks to try in the game. Here's a taste of what they have to say:

1. The liquid armor enemy can be killed by a melee blow after his liquid armor has been breached and disposed of (which is approximately at half of his normal health).

2. In the UAV launch area, where you use the SWARM, it is possible to shoot out the UAV reload magazines at the bottom of the UAV towers before they activate (making the encounter far easier).

4. Liquid armor and reactive soldiers can be quite aggressive in their attacks. Persuading a regular soldier nearby that ally will both draw fire and the attention of the mini-boss, allowing you to find good flanking positions.

5. In the heat of battle, you might find yourself out of ammo or in an untimely reload situation. Instead of backing off, it is often more effective to just get into direct melee with any nearby enemies (a tactic that becomes even more effective if you buy the upgrade giving you health from melee kills).

6. Make sure you bring a fully loaded COIL to the final boss fight. The twins can easily be managed using a TAR-39 or a CQC shotgun, but once you fight Merit himself, the COIL sniper shot is one of the most effective ways to win.

7. Merit will try to do backfire breaches on your carried weapon, removing half of the ammo. You can save the precious COIL ammo by switching to a secondary weapon as the hostile breach appears.

8. As a general rule, environment breaches are always advantageous. Be on the lookout for environment breaches that have to be timed to affect enemies.

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