Even though 007 Legends wasn't as well received by critics as Activision was hoping, it's still getting a good amount of attention from those who went and saw Skyfall in theaters over the past couple of months.  But lately, Bond has gone conspicuously missing from the online gaming front.

While you're still able to find them at retail stores with ease, online users of Steam and Activision's Download Store might have noticed that several 007-branded titles have gone missing.  James Bond 007: Quantum of Solace, Blood Stone and Legends have been taken off the market, unavailable for purchase.  Activision didn't state a reason for the removal of the games, but something could very well be up with the license, even though the company holds the rights to Bond until 2014.

We'll find out more once Activision gets back to us to let us know what's up.  In the meantime, relax, hook up a Nintendo 64, and go play some Goldeneye.