Earlier this week, Capcom released the fan-produced Street Fighter X Mega Man on its Capcom-Unity site (http://www.capcom-unity.com), allowing players everywhere to indulge in a challenging new adventure featuring the Blue Bomber, without paying a single dime.  But if that wasn't charitable enough, the game's music programmer, A-Rival, has also given users the chance to download his soundtrack for whatever they feel like paying.

The entire Street Fighter X Mega Man soundtrack can now be found over at Bandcamp, where would-be listeners can download the entire thing, or individual tracks, and pay whatever they feel is a worthwhile price.  It's nice to see A-Rival offer such an option for such a great soundtrack, so, of course, we don't mind dropping a few bucks out of appreciation.  You should as well.

And if you haven't checked out the game, which is the work of one sole programmer and, of course, A-Rival providing the tunes, it's really something cool.  Hit the Capcom-Unity link above and track it down.  It's almost like it's Christmas already.