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Prima Game of the Week | Strange Brigade

by Josh Hawkins

Why You Should Play

  • Hours of fun taking down hordes of enemies.
  • Three different game modes to explore and experience.
  • Four-player cooperative gameplay.
  • Fun and frantic gunplay mixed with puzzle solving.

Strange Brigade is something else. Building off of their strengths from other titles they’ve developed, Rebellion’s new IP takes the horde-based, cooperative shooter genre to a new and humorous level. Set in the 1930s, the Strange Brigade is a group of explorers who travel the world stopping ancient evils and discovering secret treasures. Along the way they must take down undead enemies, hordes of skeletons and zombies, as well as other challenging enemies like giant scorpions and other creatures. It’s a frantic adventure that has a lot of fun to offer players.


In Strange Brigade, players take on the role of one of four different characters as they must solve puzzles, explore ancient ruins, and defeat evil creatures of the undead. It’s a fun little romp that keeps you pressing forward constantly as you complete the main campaign or take on the undying horde in Horde Mode or Score Attack. No matter which option you choose, the game revolves around third person shooter mechanics, which challenge you to take out massive groupings of enemies without dying.

The blend of Indiana Jones escapades mixed in with the fun of a third-person horde shooter makes it very easy to dive into Strange Brigade and play for hours. On top of that, you can also team up with three of your friends, forming a part of four that can work together to solve all of the secrets in each level as you progress forward. There’s a lot to like about the gameplay loop, and once you finish the campaign off, other modes like Score Attack and Horde mode make it easy to sink even more hours into the game with your friends.

Visuals and Performance

When it comes to visuals, Rebellion is no stranger to making games that look beautiful. Strange Brigade is no exception to that rule, and there’s a lot to like about the way things look and feel as you explore the various environments, caverns, and scenes placed throughout the world. The world very much feels like a walk through the 1930s, and that helps to really create an immersive experience as you solve puzzles and search for cool treasures.

Performance wise, everything seems to run smoothly. We never noticed any big hiccups or anything of the sort as we spent time in the game, and there’s always a lot going on, especially when enemies fill the screen, and you have multiple people playing in one match. Still, though, everything continued to run smoothly, no matter what, and the game’s minimum requirements on PC should allow most players to enjoy the fun without sacrificing much of the visual appeal.

Game of the Week

There is a lot to love about Strange Brigade. Cooperative shooters are few and far between these days, so having something like Strange Brigade come by to fuel the genre feels really good. The game performs beautifully, looks wonderful, and even has a good bit of replay value added to it. It’s a fun romp through the 1930s that feels immersive and enjoyable, even if you aren’t playing with your friends. With such pretty visuals and enjoyable gameplay, we’re proud to call Strange Brigade our Prima Game of the Week. Strange Brigade is out now on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, so make sure you pick it up and give it a try today.

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