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Prima Game of the Week | Realm Royale

by Josh Hawkins

Why You Should Play

  • A unique class system that brings new strategy and variety to the battle royale experience
  • Hours of replay value and challenging battle royale gameplay
  • Constantly evolving and changing meta that keeps you on your toes

Battle royale games are a dime a dozen these days, and the battle royale audience has seen a slew of new titles making the rounds over the past few months. What sets Realm Royale apart is its unique class system. This makes the game feel more like a class-based shooter, helping to break the monotony of the battle royale experience. On top of the class-based system, Realm Royale also offers a fresh look at the battle royale genre. Instead of directly trying to copy what Fortnite and PUBG have done, Hi-Rez has done what they do best—created a quirky and fun game that takes aspects of others, but ultimately feels like something new and different.


Like most battle royale games out there, Realm Royale still follows the usual setup rules. Players are dumped into a massive play area from above (from an airship in this case) and must start to collect tools and items to help them survive the battle as soon as they hit the ground. Since Realm Royale takes place within the Paladins universe that Hi-Rez has worked so hard to create, players can expect to find various medieval themed items like potions or armor pieces like breastplates, helms, and more.

Players must travel around the map—on foot or by horseback—to collect loot from treasure chests scattered around the realm. After a certain amount of time, the barrier begins to move in, and players will need to move with it, slowly pulling players together until one on person or team is left standing to claim the victory.

What really makes Realm Royale stand out, though, is the class system. Unlike regular BR experiences, players must choose from one of five different classes, each of which comes with different abilities and options to help make the gameplay feel fresh and allowing players to adjust their play style. This gives the entire game a different feel from other battle royale games out there and makes it stand out.

Visuals and Performance

As far as visuals and performance go, Realm Royale is pretty to look at, and the game runs amazingly well. We never experienced any issues during our playtime, which has always been a concern in high-octane experiences like battle royale games. The game takes on a more cartoony look than other BR games like PUBG, which definitely makes it feel a bit more like Fortnite in that aspect.

Still, these visuals work well to create a pretty and unique setting that’s also buttery smooth on your system, which means you shouldn’t run into any big FPS drops during your time in the game. It’s smooth sailing throughout, and for a title that’s still in the early stages of its early-access lifespan, Realm Royale runs like a dream. You can check if your rig meets Realm Royale’s system requirements to see how you’ll fair in Hi-Rez’s beautiful BR rendition.

Game of the Week

With such a unique take on the battle royale market, Realm Royale has everything that it needs to succeed. Not only does it offer something new and fresh for battle royale players, it also works well as a stop gap for those new to the entire genre. The game doesn’t take itself too seriously—you turn into a chicken for thirty seconds when downed—and this adds a nice air of fun to it that makes it easy to sink hours into. It really shouldn’t come as a surprise that we’ve chosen Realm Royale as the Prima Game of the Week, and you can check out some more about the game by heading over to our Realm Royale guides.

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