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Prima Game of the Week | Jurassic World Evolution

by Josh Hawkins

Why You Should Play

  • Hours of theme park management fun.
  • Six challenging locations straight from the Jurassic Park universe.
  • Experiment and create the ultimate dino hybrid as you strive to manage and expand your theme park.

Like Planet Coaster, Frontier Developments’ previous installment in the theme park management genre, Jurassic World Evolution combines beautiful visuals, a UI that’s easy to use, and a ton of under-the-hood management options to give you the ultimate theme park management simulation around. This gives players an unprecedented amount of control over how they build up their theme park.

Jurassic World Evolution is an excellent addition to the theme park management genre, and while the game follows some of the same systems made popular in other games of the genre, the unique nature of your park’s main attractions add new elements that make managing your guests, the amount of money they spend, and the overall welfare of your dinosaurs a fun and engaging challenge.


Like Planet Coaster, the gameplay loop in Jurassic World Evolution revolves heavily around building new attractions and pulling guests into your park. Unlike Planet Coaster, the main attraction here are dinosaurs, which you can mold and shape the way that you want using a unique genome system that allows you to splice and mix DNA from other animals and dinosaurs to create the perfect hybrid.

On top of managing the day to days of your theme park, you’ll also need to worry about keeping your park both entertaining and safe for your visitors. Dinosaur outbreaks, massive tropical storms, and other challenging tragedies await you in The Five Deaths. Somehow, you must find a way to overcome these challenges and build a thriving and successful theme park centered on dinosaurs-based attractions. It’s a unique experience that makes the genre feel fresh, while also giving you a ton of nostalgia for one of the most beloved science fiction series that has ever existed.

Visuals and Performance

When it comes to visuals and performance, Jurassic World Evolution is a pristine masterpiece of smooth frame rates and excellent graphics. Everything about the game is beautiful from menu design, UI design, and even the animations of the people and animals that inhabit your theme park. The buildings all look and feel crisp against the tropical background of The Five Deaths, and the game never slows down as you build and craft the perfect theme park for your guests to enjoy. Interactions with each different dinosaur feels good and look amazing as you manage, build, and mold the park to fit your own intentions.

Game of the Week

It’s always easy to dive into a great builder game like Jurassic World Evolution, and the unique ties to the Jurassic Park universe make the latest masterpiece from Frontier Developments an absolute blast to play and experiment within. It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that the game has turned out as good as it has, and Frontier Developments should be proud of the great work they’ve accomplished here. With endless hours of theme park management, tons of nostalgia for Jurassic Park lovers, and an amazing system to build and experiment within, we’re proud to name Jurassic World Evolution the Prima Game of the Week. So, if you’re looking for something new and fresh to try, pick it up and dive in today.

We’ve got the inside scoop on how to get started in Jurassic World Evolution, as well as guides on how to make money fast and even how to unlock all the islands in Jurassic World Evolution, so make sure you don’t dive in blind and confused.

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