More services have been revealed for the Xbox One as part of the company's presentation today.

The system will include a new "Snap Mode" where you can interact two different programs together, such as watching a movie like Star Trek and checking Internet Explorer for showtimes and tickets.  You can also interact between ESPN and your Fantasy Player settings, so you can keep track of your statistics instantly without having to turn off your TV or turn your eyes away from a fantastic play.

The system will also come with a built-in guide that lets you skim through channels and find your favorite programs using simple voice terms.  So if you want to watch reruns of Firefly, you'd say something like "Watch Firefly".  You can also set up a Favorites channel so you don't have to skim through the shows you don't watch.  Trending is also available so you can see what your Xbox Live friends are watching.  (Now we know who the fan of Glee is on our staff.  Ha!)

The system will also support Skype, allowing you to chat with friends and group video calls with ease using the system's camera and built-in mic.

We'll have more news on Xbox One as the presentation continues.