Microsoft and Doritos teamed up a couple of years ago for a competition where various game developers released games on Xbox Live Arcade that the public could download and try, later selecting an overall winner.  Doritos Crash Course, a game featuring Avatar-based characters running through wacky obstacle courses, was one of the most noteworthy entries and now it looks like it'll be making a return.

Larry "Major Nelson" Hyrb announced on his blog today that Doritos Crash Course 2 will arrive on Xbox Live Arcade this Wednesday, May 8th.  The game will feature a number of new courses and power-ups to take on, as well as plenty of unlockable goodies that you can dress your avatar up with.  The game will be free of charge, so you can download it and save your cash for other things, like some bags of Cool Ranch Doritos!

You can check out more details and screens from Crash Course 2 at the official Marketplace page.  It's nice to see another freebie pop up on Xbox Live Arcade, even if it does make us hungry for Doritos.