Video Airbase (video)

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Video Airbase (video)

Capture the Flag

While having Enhanced Parkour equipped, using these wall runs will lead to an extremely fast flag route to run the flag from the Turret Control back to your base. Start out by wall running onto the yellow sign and then running into the Fuel Hub. Now make your way out the other balcony facing the Hangar. Make your next wall run on the wall of the Fuel Hub towards the Landing Pads. Jump and wall run onto the wall of the Landing Pads and wall run all the way to the Big Ramp. Once you’re wall running on the Big Ramp, wait until the last second to jump off, allowing you to get more distance towards your base. Your team should be near the base to assist you if any enemies are nearby.

Hardpoint Domination

When defending Hardpoint B, a great escape route is the jump in between the Hangar and Landing Pads. There are many ways to do this jump, but this is one way from the ground. First, start out by wall running and then jumping off the crate towards the yellow sign. Second, jump off of the sign towards the wall. Third, jump off the wall and back to the sign and either pull yourself up to the top of the sign or land on top of the sign. Finally, jump back towards the wall and double jump up and over. This can be hard at first, but give it some practice and you’ll have it down in no time.

Pilot Hunter

When running through the crates between the Hangar and Landing Pads, head towards the indent that connects the Landing Pads and Fuel Hub. The two walls allow you to shimmy all the way to the top of the Landing Pads or Fuel Hub. This jump is very useful to escape enemy Pilots or to change locations on the fly to find enemies.