Training Introduction

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Titanfall Official Digital Strategy Guide
for PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One

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Training Introduction

In Titanfall, you take on the role of an IMC or Militia Pilot. These elite combat specialists are respected (and feared) throughout the Frontier. Equipped with Jump Kits, Pilots are capable of performing some truly acrobatic maneuvers, aiding them in taking the high ground and dominating the battlefield. But Pilots are most known for operating Titans: mechanized war machines fitted with an array of devastating weapons.

To succeed in Titanfall you must master playing as both a Pilot and a Titan. This chapter is jam-packed with information on both topics, complete with insight from the game’s developers at Respawn Entertainment. So whether you’re new to the FPS genre or not, take the time to read up—Titanfall is easy to learn, but it takes skill and a broader knowledge of the gameplay mechanics to master the intricacies of Pilot and Titan combat.