Training Game Modes

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Training Game Modes

There are five different game modes available in Titanfall, all with unique objectives and victory conditions. Here’s a quick rundown of all the game modes, along with some helpful tips to help your team maintain an edge during combat.


Grunts and Spectres are worth Attrition Points too, so don’t overlook these easy kills.

If you’ve never played Titanfall before, Attrition is the best place to start. In this game mode, players are awarded Attrition points for scoring kills, but just not kills on other players. Attrition points are awarded for killing Grunts, Spectres, Pilots, Titans, and even dropships. The winning team is the one that hits the score limit first, or has the highest score when the time is up.


  • Each enemy provides a different amount of Attrition Points. Killing Grunts and Spectres gives your team one Attrition Point, Pilots get you four points, and defeating a Titan gives you five points.
  • With the amount of minions on the map, players can choose to avoid enemy Pilots. Grunts usually run in a pack of three or four, so you get the same amount of points for taking out a Grunt squad as you would taking out an enemy Pilot.
  • Hunting minions is critical in Attrition as it will help you call down your Titan quickly. One or two players should hunt the minions while the rest of the team protects these players from enemy Pilots. Getting a Titan quickly will help make light work of enemy Pilots.
  • The Arc Cannon is an excellent primary weapon to have equipped to your Titan. Simply fire a lightning bolt towards a Grunt in a pack of minions and watch the lightning zap nearby enemies. Keep your Titan up and moving for as long as you can—don’t set it to Auto-Titan and take full advantage of the Arc Cannon.
  • Since minions are easy points, position Pilots near allied minions to ambush enemy Pilots. Let the enemy Pilots take out an allied minion squad and then ambush the enemy Pilot once they are reloading.
  • When Minion Detector is equipped, focus on your minimap at all times. Not only will you see where the enemy minions are located, but you will also see your friendly minions. Keep an eye on your friendly minions. If you see them dropping like flies then there is most likely an enemy Pilot nearby killing them. So either get close and take them out or keep distance while you kill more minions.

Capture the Flag

Always approach the enemy flag with extreme caution—defenders and booby traps are likely waiting for you.

In this classic game mode, steal the enemy flag and return it to your base, while stopping the enemy team from grabbing your flag. To score a capture, your team’s flag must be present at your base, set into its pedestal. Then, if you have the enemy flag, capture it by running through your team’s flag at your base—scoring a flag earns your team one point. The winning team is the one with the most captures when the match timer runs out. At halftime, the teams switch sides, giving each team the chance to attack/defend each base.


  • Capture the Flag consists of two rounds so Pilots will get a chance to play on both sides. Each side is played differently when playing on an asymmetrical map. But when playing on a symmetrical map, you will notice that each side is played fairly the same.
  • Throw Satchel Charges around your flag. Once an enemy decides to grab the flag, quickly detonate the charges to stop the enemy in their tracks. You can detonate charges by double tapping your Reload button/key rather than pulling out the detonator to explode the charges. This saves you time and allows you to roam the map instead of just staring at the flag waiting for enemies to grab it.
  • This game mode gives you the opportunity to really take advantage of your Titan. When your Titan is ready, save it until you are near the enemy’s flag—it is much easier to sneak into the enemy base as a Pilot. Once you are near the enemy flag, call down your Titan and then grab the flag, quickly jump into your Titan, and ride away.
  • There is sure to be an enemy Pilot with a shotgun positioned around the flag defending the objective. Equip Active Radar Pulse to pinpoint enemies hiding in corners defending their flag. This Tactical Ability will aid in picking the right route to use once you grab the enemy’s flag, activate the ability, and find out where the enemies are located before exiting the enemy base.
  • Electric Smoke is an excellent Tactical Ability to have equipped on your Titan. When escaping with the flag, the smoke will blur the pursuers’ field of vision and force the enemy Pilots to go around the smoke to avoid being killed.
  • A friendly Pilot should always shadow the flag carrier. There are many moments where you run the flag back to your base and then suddenly an enemy Pilot camping near your base jumps out, kills you, and successfully returns the flag. The player shadowing the flag carrier will be able to kill the camping opponent before they return the flag or kill them before they kill the flag carrier.

Hardpoint Domination

Expect resistance at enemy-held hardpoints—capture and hold at least two hardpoints to hold out for a win.

This game mode is all about capturing and holding three system nodes, known as hardpoints. Capture and hold the three hardpoints on the map for your team to earn points—the more hardpoints you hold, the faster you accrue points. Capture neutral hardpoints by standing near them for a short period of time. Retake enemy-held hardpoints by standing near them for a longer period of time—a hardpoint must be rendered neutral before you can begin to capture it. If enemies are near a hardpoint, you must find and eliminate them before any capturing or neutralizing can occur.


  • For each Pilot inside the hardpoint, the capture speed increases. A hardpoint is contested if an enemy Pilot moves within the capture radius. If there are two IMC Pilots and one Militia Pilot, the IMC Pilots override the Militia Pilot, allowing the IMC Pilots to begin neutralizing or capturing the hardpoint.
  • Minions are capable of capturing and defending hardpoints, making their starting routes much different than the other game modes. During Hardpoint Domination, the minions make their way towards the three hardpoints and engage opposing minions—whichever side that wins will then move to the hardpoint and begin capturing it.
  • Arc Mines work tremendously well in this game mode, especially for the hardpoints that are only accessible to Pilots. When outfitting your Pilot, choose the Explosives Pack Kit. Then, when defending, plant multiple mines around the entrances of the hardpoint. The damage dealt by two of these mines is enough to kill a Pilot.
  • Wall hanging will save your life and make enemies look all over for you while you defend the hardpoint. Equip the Enhanced Parkour Kit, allowing you to double your time of wall hanging. Combine this with Cloak and the opponent will be in daze as they check every corner of the hardpoint.
  • Throw Arc Grenades or Frag Grenades before entering the hardpoint—figure out all the corners Pilots like to hide in and lob your grenade. If you don’t get a kill or any hit markers, then you know the enemy is positioned in a different location.
  • Entering a hardpoint with a Titan will override the other team’s Pilots if they are inside the objective. In this instance, one Titan can begin neutralizing or capturing the hardpoint even if the opposing team has one, two, or three Pilots in the capture radius. Always man your Titan in this game mode instead of using Guard or Follow mode, allowing you to capture the objectives more effectively.
  • Defending the hardpoint is critical to win the match—close-quarter combat is the way to go, so equip SMGs and shotguns to defend.

Last Titan Standing

Prepare for long-range, stand-off engagements in this game mode as most Pilots are likely to play very conservatively.

In Last Titan Standing, all Pilots start in a Titan. Your team must eliminate all of the enemy team’s Titans or Pilots to win. This is a round-based mode, and the team that wins the best of five rounds wins the match. Within each round, there is no respawning, and there are no replacement Titans, until the next round starts. However, if your Titan is destroyed, and you successfully eject, you can continue to play as a Pilot, helping your teammates eliminate the other team’s Titans.


  • Titan weapons can be broken down into subclasses; some are versatile and capable of doing damage up close and from a distance while others should be mainly used for long-range engagements. The Arc Cannon and Plasma Railgun are much more effective from a long range as both of these weapons can be charged to optimize damage output. Use these long-range weapons with the Particle Wall—the wall blocks incoming projectiles, allowing you to fully charge your Arc Cannon or Plasma Railgun.
  • Weapons like the XO-16 Chaingun and 40mm Cannon can be fired from long range or used to battle enemy Titans up close. The Accelerator mod should be equipped when using the XO-16 Chaingun, giving your primary weapon more ammo and a higher fire rate.
  • Tactical Abilities play a huge role in this game mode. When grouping with friendly Titans, a Titan with the Vortex Shield should lead the charge to grab incoming projectiles that can be used to throw back at the enemy.
  • Electric Smoke combined with the Cluster Missile will restrict the movements of enemy Titans in close-quarter battles. Activate your smoke when exchanging melees with the enemy Titans and then fire the Cluster Missile where you think the enemy Titan will dash to. This forces them to back down from fights, allowing you to chase the enemy Titan down and finish it off.
  • All Titans have the same bodyshield, but the Orge has the most health, followed by the Atlas, and then finally the Stryder. Having a few more Orge Titans on the team assists in winning rounds, especially if you decide to play the game passively. Sit back and force the opponent to engage your Orge Titans in close quarters.
  • Stryder Titans excel in matches with open fields and objects that can be used for cover. Equip Dash Quickcharger to glide around the map and annoy the opposing team because of your Titan’s quick movements.
  • Your Pilot’s primary weapon for your Last Titan Standing loadout should always be the Spitfire LMG with the Slammer mod. If your Titan is destroyed, you can still be of use with your Anti-Titan Weapon or LMG—if the opportunity presents itself, perform a rodeo attack.

Pilot Hunter

In addition to hunting Pilots, hunt Grunts and Spectres in an effort to get your Titan sooner.

In Pilot Hunter, it’s all about hunting or being hunted! Kill the enemy team’s Pilots to reach the score limit and win—one point is awarded for each Pilot killed. Although killing Grunts and Spectres in this mode will not earn points towards your team’s score, doing so will still give you build time reductions on your replacement Titans and Titan Core Ability.


  • When playing Pilot Hunter, be sneaky. Unlike Attrition, you can no longer kill a group of minions, die at the hands of an enemy Pilot, and justify it on the scoreboard. Stealth is even more important now that you’re the main focus of your opponents. Utilizing a Suppressor mod, melee attacks, and ordnance to kill minions keeps you off the minimap.
  • A great way to find enemy Pilots is to use Minion Detector, keeping an eye on a nearby group of friendly minions. Once you see the minions disappear, head over there and find the nearby enemy Pilot. Otherwise, just focus on killing enemy minions and get your Titan as soon as possible.
  • Since the enemy team can only score points by killing Pilots, your life becomes much more valuable. When you are doomed in a Titan, eject from your Titan and retreat to safety without being shot out of the air. Equipping Auto-Eject to your Titan Tier 2 Kit slot helps you sneak away once your Titan is taken out. With this kit you’ll be forced to eject once your Titan is doomed and you’ll receive Cloak for a short moment, giving you enough time to retreat to safety. You can never be executed inside your Titan if you have Auto-Eject equipped.
  • If you are a player that wants to duke it out for a bit longer while your Titan is doomed, equip Cloak as your Pilot’s Tactical Ability and Survivor as your Titan’s Tier 2 Kit. Combining these allows you to fight longer while doomed. And once you feel your Titan is going to explode, eject yourself. While you’re ejecting, activate your Cloak and sneak away to safety.
  • Stim is an effective Tactical Ability when playing this mode. The extra speed allows you to escape enemy Pilots when they catch you by surprise. This ability also begins regeneration of your health, allowing you to reengage enemies who have ambushed you. Countering ambushes is best done when you have cover to run in and out of or a nearby wall to gain some speed to make the enemy Pilot miss a few shots.
  • Snipers are extremely effective in this game mode. They allow you to sit back at a distance and pick off enemy Pilots. Having Cloak equipped will allow you to constantly switch sniping locations, forcing the opposing team to never know where you are.


Can you reach the Evac Point before the dropship takes off? Prepare for some intense moments.

The Epilogue, occurring at the end of a round, is a fun little mini-game within the main match. The losing team has a point marked on their screen showing the Evac Point where a dropship will arrive. At the same time the winning team will have an intercept marker to stop the opposing team from escaping. During the Epilogue, each Pilot only has one life, so once you are taken out, the match is over for you—but you can watch the remainder of the match from the perspectives of other players.

Each Pilot on the losing team gets XP for making it on board the dropship. But this isn’t easy because the opposing team, who just won, is looking to hunt you all down. During the main match if you feel the team is about to lose and you have a Titan ready to call in, save it for the Epilogue. This may throw off the other team because they won’t expect you to call down a Titan since you just lost. Get underneath or close to the dropship with your Titan and eject towards the ship—use the Cloak Tactical Ability to avoid getting picked off while you’re flying through the air.

It takes a lot of firepower to bring down a dropship—the weaponry of three Titans should be enough.

The winning team gains XP for killing each Pilot or stopping enemy Pilots from escaping. The best way to do this is by locking down the intercept point, surrounding it with Pilots and Titans. But be prepared for enemy Pilots hiding inside buildings near the Evac Point or wall running and jumping across the map. The best way to stop the enemy team from escaping is by destroying the dropship while it waits to pick up enemy Pilots. But it takes a team effort to bring down the dropship—three Titans concentrating fire on the ship is usually enough to bring it down before it can escape. Nuclear Ejections can also damage Evac Dropships.