Titan Tactical Abilities Tactical Abilities

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Titan Tactical Abilities Tactical Abilities

Like Pilots, Titans can also be fitted with one Tactical Ability. Once equipped, the ability is manually activated at the Pilot’s discretion, giving the Titan a temporary advantage. But abilities only remain active for a few seconds before they must recharge. There are three Tactical Abilities to choose from, all defensive in nature. Select an ability and use it to prolong your Titan’s lifespan during combat.

Tactical Ability

Vortex Shield

The Vortex Shield captures incoming projectiles and projects them back at enemies upon release.

Ability Unlock: Level 1

Field Notes

  • One of the Titans’ most useful Tactical Abilities is the Vortex Shield, most effective when engaging another Titan. Whether it is minions, Pilots, or enemy Titans firing towards you, the Vortex Shield will stop incoming projectiles in their place. Timing this ability is critical and the timing to activate it is when the opposing team is double teaming you. Let them fire their most powerful projectiles only to stop those projectiles in mid air and send them flying back. The Vortex Shield will only block the bolt fired off by the Arc Cannon; it will not send it back.

Tactical Ability

Electric Smoke

The Electric Smoke system deploys a dense, electrically charged smoke cloud that damages enemy Titans and Pilots. It can be used in many ways—one of the most common is to use it to deter boarding attempts by enemy Pilots.

Ability Unlock: Level 13

Field Notes

  • Electric Smoke is a great way to get those pesky enemy Pilots off your back. If you are attacked by a rodeo attack, Electric Smoke is the best way to get them off your back without having to exit your Titan. Once you deploy Electric Smoke, move back and forth within the smoke to kill the enemy Pilot on your back. You can also use this defensively against an enemy Titan by deploying the smoke while your shields are down. This will allow you to sneak around a building or object while the enemy Titan’s view is hindered. If the enemy Titan were to chase you, the smoke would deal damage to the Titan, possibly giving you the upper hand in the battle. Using Electric Smoke while in a close-quarter battle with an enemy Titan will help inflict even greater damage to the Titan, along with your primary weapon and ordnance.
Pro Tip: StrongSide

Another great time to use Electric Smoke is at the end of the game if your team has won and the enemy team is trying to board the Evacuation Dropship. Place your Titan in front of the dropship’s entrance and deploy your smoke when an enemy Pilot is near. The enemy Pilot will not be able to pass through it without being killed.

Tactical Ability

Particle Wall

The Particle Wall is stationary force-field, blocking all incoming fire from one side. Enemy weapons can damage it, and eventually take it down.

Ability Unlock: Level 26

Field Notes

  • The Particle Wall is an effective ability to use when engaging enemy Titans head on. The wall will block all incoming fire and, at the same time, let the user shoot through one side of the wall, damaging the opponent. Use this ability in confined areas where the enemy can only approach from one direction. The Particle Wall can be placed to cover friendlies on the ground which, in turn, will make it easier when fighting large waves of enemies.
Pro Tip: Walshy

To use this ability effectively, wait for an enemy Titan to fire off its ordnance before deploying the Particle Wall.