Primary Weapons 40mm Cannon

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Primary Weapons 40mm Cannon

40mm Cannon

The factory-issue 40mm Cannon is a semi-automatic weapon that fires a high-explosive round with good accuracy.

  • Powerful rounds that can take out Pilots and Titans
  • Large magazine capacity
  • Hard to hit fast-moving Pilots
  • Limited effective range
Weapon Performance

Magazine Capacity: 20

Weapon Unlock: Level 1

Weapon Mods
Burst Fire This mod allows you to fire three-round bursts. However, your magazine will deplete faster as a result. Titan Killer (II) Challenge: Kill 20 Titans
Extended Magazine This mod increases the ammo capacity of the weapon, making it so that you don’t have to reload as often. If It Moves… (II) Challenge: Kill 25 Enemies

Field Notes

  • This weapon packs a punch with every bullet. It has the perfect balance of being able to deal a fair amount of damage to Titans along with taking out any minions or Pilots with one round.
  • This gun is very difficult to use against Pilots that are on roofs or jumping around. Be sure to take advantage of the splash damage and try to shoot enemy Pilots when they are on the ground or next to a wall. If a Pilot is high up on a roof or jumping above your head, it is better to dash away and try the fight from another angle.
  • This weapon, without any mods, can take out a couple of minions that are close together. But coupled with the Burst Fire, the 40mm Cannon can easily dispose of an entire group of minions with one or two bursts.
  • This is one of the strongest weapons against enemy Titans in mid-close-range battles. It has a large magazine capacity and fast rate of fire, which allows you to deal continuous damage, and you aren’t punished if you miss a few shots.
  • The Burst Fire mod is great when playing on a map with lots of cover, so that you can shoot a couple bursts and dash away to safety. If you like the single-round semi-automatic fire, be sure to equip the Extended Magazine to get five extra rounds per mag. When head-to-head against another Titan, if this weapon doesn’t kill the enemy, it will undoubtedly leave it weak enough to be finished off by your teammates.

40mm Cannon Challenges

If It Moves…
1 Kill 10 Enemies 500 XP
2 Kill 25 Enemies 1,000 XP, Extended Magazine Mod
3 Kill 50 Enemies 2,500 XP
4 Kill 100 Enemies 5,000 XP
5 Kill 200 Enemies 10,000 XP
Top Gun
1 Kill 5 Pilots 500 XP
2 Kill 15 Pilots 1,000 XP
3 Kill 30 Pilots 2,500 XP, Most Wanted List Burn Card
4 Kill 50 Pilots 5,000 XP, Most Wanted List Burn Card
5 Kill 75 Pilots 10,000 XP, Most Wanted List Burn Card
Titan Killer
1 Kill 10 Titans 500 XP
2 Kill 20 Titans 1,000 XP, Burst Fire Mod
3 Kill 30 Titans 2,500 XP, Titan Salvage Burn Card
4 Kill 40 Titans 5,000 XP, Titan Salvage Burn Card
5 Kill 50 Titans 10,000 XP, Titan Salvage Burn Card
Machine War
1 Kill 10 Spectres 500 XP
2 Kill 25 Spectres 1,000 XP
3 Kill 50 Spectres 2,500 XP, Urban Renewal Burn Card
4 Kill 75 Spectres 5,000 XP, Urban Renewal Burn Card
5 Kill 100 Spectres 10,000 XP, Urban Renewal Burn Card
The Expendables
1 Kill 10 Grunts 500 XP
2 Kill 25 Grunts 1,000 XP
3 Kill 50 Grunts 2,500 XP, Thin the Ranks Burn Card
4 Kill 100 Grunts 5,000 XP, Thin the Ranks Burn Card
5 Kill 200 Grunts 10,000 XP, Thin the Ranks Burn Card
This is My Weapon
1 Use Weapon for .5 Hour 500 XP
2 Use Weapon for 1 Hour 1,000 XP
3 Use Weapon for 1.5 Hours 2,500 XP
4 Use Weapon for 2 Hours 5,000 XP
5 Use Weapon for 3 Hours 10,000 XP
Critically Conditioned
1 Get 5 Critical Hits 500 XP
2 Get 15 Critical Hits 1,000 XP
3 Get 30 Critical Hits 2,500 XP
4 Get 50 Critical Hits 5,000 XP
5 Get 75 Critical Hits 10,000 XP

Awarded Burn Cards

Most Wanted List

Titan Salvage

Urban Renewal

Thin the Ranks