Titans Chassis

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Titans Chassis

Choosing a chassis is the most fundamental decision Pilots face when customizing their Titan. Before selecting a chassis, take into account the kind of role you wish to play on the battlefield. There are two major factors to take into consideration: speed and durability. While the Ogre is the most durable chassis, it’s also the slowest. The Stryder, on the other hand, offers speed, but at the cost of less armor. Meanwhile, the Atlas fills the middle ground, offering a balance of speed and durability. Each Titan chassis also has a unique Core Ability, further defining their combat role. Carefully weigh the pros and cons of each chassis before starting your Titan’s loadout.


The Atlas is the workhorse of the various Titan chassis. It has served in the form of countless variants throughout the Frontier for decades, and will likely remain a common sight for many more to come. Despite the age of the design, its robust Damage Core allows it to remain competitive in battle with more modern Titans.

On the Frontier, the Atlas has always performed when needed. From the first conflicts to the latest deployments, the Atlas stands the test of time. As the workhorse of the IMC Titan fleet, it has survived every encounter and mission scenario and continues to outperform competing technologies on every battlefield.

Core Ability

Damage Core: Boosts weapon damage when active.

Titan Performance

Dashes: 2

Field Notes

  • The Atlas is the most versatile of all three Titans. This Titan isn’t the fastest, but it can still move around the map quickly. And while this Titan doesn’t have the strongest armor, it is still very durable. The Atlas prevails with its Core Ability, Damage Core. While active, you can quickly deal massive damage to enemy Titans. When attaching the Core Extender, you’re able to deal massive damage for a longer amount of time. This Titan has two dashes and works really when combined with the Dash Quickcharger Tier 1 Kit, which charges your dashes quicker. Using the Arc Cannon you’ll be able to pick off groups of minions and still be ready to fight a Pilot or Titan. Look for opportunities to melee attack doomed Titans—the Atlas punches into the enemy Titan’s hull, then grabs and hurls the enemy Pilot.


The Ogre-class Titan is often referred to as Hammond Robotics’ “800 pound gorilla”. Although the Ogre’s weight and size make it a slow mover, it is very well armored and shielded—with armor plating this thick, you won’t need to run.

In field testing, Hammond Robotics’ newest model uses its heavy armor design to destroy the competition in ballistic and martial testing. And in the Ogre’s initial deployment it truly delivered. In total it was responsible for 67% of enemy force depletion. It suffered only superficial damage to the outer hull while mitigating damage to friendly units by nearly 40% and inflicting over 50% more damage to enemy units.

Core Ability

Shield Core: Boosts Titan bodyshield when active.

Titan Performance

Dashes: 1

Field Notes

  • While this Titan is the slowest and has the least amount of dashes, it makes up for it by having the most armor. This Titan is tough to take down. When your team is on the defensive, like on Capture the Flag or defending a Hardpoint, and you have to fight your way out, this is the perfect Titan to deal tons of damage and at the same time serve as a distraction while your teammates flank. The Ogre’s Core Ability is a Shield Core that gives you a stronger “boosted bodyshield” to let you take more damage over the next few seconds. Ogres excel in melee attacks, ripping the arms off of doomed enemy Titans and beating them with their own dismembered appendages.


The Stryder represents Hammond Robotics’ leading design in fast-attack combat systems. The Stryder is unmatched in speed and agility, but carries minimal shields and armor. Using its Dash Core aggressively, a skilled Stryder Pilot can outflank enemies in a very short time, completely taking them by surprise.

In field testing, the Stryder outperformed all other Titans in speed, acceleration, and agility, but direct action missions is where the Stryder excels. As the first to strike, Stryder destroys Class A defenses with a 63% higher success rate and it can secure rapid deployment objectives faster than any other Titan on the Frontier.

Core Ability

Dash Core: Dash is inexhaustible when active.

Titan Performance

Dashes: 3

Field Notes

  • The Stryder is the fastest Titan in the game. This Titan has three dashes, making it extremely mobile. At the expense of speed, the Stryder does have less armor, making it weaker than the other two Titans. Don’t let this bother you—this Titan’s speed allows you to either play aggressively or passive. When you play aggressively, you will want to have two dashes saved up in case you need to back out of a fight or an enemy Titan tries to ambush you. When playing passive, equip a weapon that has range, providing support fire for your allies on the front lines. This Titan’s Core Ability is Dash Core. Once activated, your Stryder Titan’s dash is instantly recharged, allowing you to dash for a set amount of time. When melee attacking a doomed Titan, the Stryder punches through the enemy Titan’s hull, grabs the Pilot, and squeezes until there’s nothing left but vapor.