Pilot Tactical Abilities Tactical Abilities

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Pilot Tactical Abilities Tactical Abilities

Pilots have one Tactical Ability slot, giving them the ability to blend into their surroundings, increase speed and health regeneration, or detect enemies behind walls. Once assigned, these abilities are manually activated at a Pilot’s discretion, giving them a temporary advantage. But abilities only remain active for a few seconds before they must recharge. However, the Power Cell Tier 1 Kit helps these abilities to recharge at a quicker rate, allowing them to be deployed with greater frequency.

Tactical Ability


Cloak makes you almost completely invisible to Titans and minions (Grunts, Spectres, and Marvins). However, it is not quite as effective against Pilots.

Ability Unlock: Level 1

Field Notes

  • When using this Tactical Ability, keep in mind that when you activate Cloak, you will lose your Cloak once you have fired a weapon. You are able to throw grenades and melee without losing the ability. A good time to use Cloak is when you are spotted by a Titan and want to make a clean getaway. The Cloak will immediately make you invisible and give you some time to retreat to cover. Keep in mind that Pilots are able to see the Cloak much easier than a Titan.
Pro Tip: StrongSide

A great time to use the Cloak Tactical Ability is when you want to rodeo attack an enemy Titan. This will allow you to sneak up on the enemy Titan and jump on!

Tactical Ability


Chemically derived from a Pilot’s own adrenaline, Stim boosts movement speed and health regeneration for a short period of time.

Ability Unlock: Level 8

Field Notes

  • This ability increases your Pilot’s speed, allowing you to do jumps that weren’t possible before. The extra speed also allows you to outwit your opponent and escape a losing battle. Stay around cover to always take full use of this ability. When an enemy engages you, activate the Stim ability to recover health while taking cover and then use the speed to outmaneuver the opponent.
Pro Tip: Flamesword

Always have an escape route in mind. Stim will allow you to escape a losing battle as your movement speed is increased. Think about double backing when escaping. Double backing is when you begin to run away and then you come back, catching your pursuer off guard. This takes practice—be sure to time when the opponent will begin to sprint and chase you, then double back and make them pay.

Tactical Ability

Active Radar Pulse

The Active Radar Pulse triggers a scan that allows you to see enemies through walls for a short amount of time.

Ability Unlock: Level 19

Field Notes

  • With a range of about 50 meters, the Active Radar Pulse allows you to plan the perfect route to catch nearby enemies off guard. When active, enemies appear on the HUD as red silhouettes, even if they’re hidden behind walls and other pieces of cover. Knowing where enemies are allows you to get the jump on them. This is best used in Capture the Flag or Hardpoint where you can find the nearby enemy Pilot and get a crucial kill that will lead to a capture. Although helpful in most situations, Active Radar Pulse is incapable of detecting an enemy Pilot using the Cloak ability.