War Games (Expedition) Hardpoint

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War Games (Expedition) Hardpoint


  • Hardpoint A and C are not accessible by Titans. Hardpoint B is accessible by Titans making it the toughest hardpoint to control throughout the game. With this said it is going to be a battle over Hardpoint B. When Hardpoint B is clustered with Pilots and Titans play sneaky and take a long route around the map to capture either Hardpoint A or C to fluster the enemy team. As you’re capturing the hardpoint prepare for battle because this will pull some enemies back to defend their hardpoint. While the enemies are pulled back this will also give your team a better chance at capturing Hardpoint B.
  • Hardpoint A has many windows and entrances making it hard to pinpoint where the enemy will be attacking from. This position on top of some crates in the corner is a great spot to have a wide view at all the entrances. You’ll want to pan your view from left to right constantly checking the entrances. Your Pilot will blend in with the wall making it hard for your enemies to notice you. This position is not only great for capturing Hardpoint A but defending it as well.
  • If you’re at Hardpoint B without a Titan a good position to capture and defend the objective is on top of the raised platform. Here you’ll have a overview of all the entrances. Use Cloak here as it will benefit you greatly giving you the jump if an enemy pursues Hardpoint B. If an enemy Titan is in the alleyway move towards the back of the room behind the raised platform where you’ll have cover against the Titan. If your team doesn’t have a Titan to aid you, you’ll want to make your way towards another hardpoint. Fighting Pilot vs Titan at Hardpoint B you’re sure to get yourself killed.
  • When attacking Hardpoint B with a Titan equip the Cluster Missile to kill any enemy Pilots roaming or hiding throughout the objective. You can also capture Hardpoint from inside your Titan if you stand next to opening of Hardpoint B.
  • In the back corner of Hardpoint C is a great position where you can’t be seen from the entire inside of the Hardpoint C building. This spot allows you to capture the hardpoint and peek shoot any enemies contesting the objective. This position also allows for an incredible escape out a back doorway. Never place yourself in the middle of the room at this objective. You’ll be a sitting duck awaiting your death.
  • A sneaky spot to defend Hardpoint C is on top of an electrical box above the objective. You’ll want to crouch to keep your head hidden from incoming enemies on the upper level. Players don’t normally check this spot but equip Cloak to make yourself an even harder target to be seen.