Maps Introduction

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Maps Introduction

Are you ready to test your Pilot skills in the service of the Militia or IMC? There are a total of 15 environments on which to prove yourself worthy of advancement among the ranks of elite Pilots. Each map is unique, presenting Pilots with a variety of environments to master, ranging from derelict shipwrecks to heavily defended IMC installations. Do you have what it takes to lead your team to victory? Study the provided maps and gain a tactical advantage over your opponents in every battle. Each map offers an in-depth analysis of all five game modes, providing field-tested tactics devised by professional gamers.

Map Notes

  • Look for colored “ribbons” on some screenshots, illustrating advantageous wallruns and jumps. Utilize these paths to traverse the map quickly.
  • The provided heat maps are a composite of all game modes and represent the highest concentrations of minion deaths—warm colors indicate high-action areas, while cool colors represent less action.
  • Key landmarks have been selected and named by the Prima author team of professional gamers, helping identify key locations on each map.
  • Most Capture the Flag maps feature recommended flag routes. These highlighted routes are by no means the only paths—can you find a better way to score a flag?
  • On Capture the Flag maps, all deployment areas, flags, and routes shown represent the initial round. At halftime the factions switch sides.
  • Some maps feature turrets which can be hacked to give your team an advantage.
  • Zip lines, appearing as red lines, offer a quick way to move around the map.
  • With the exception of Last Titan Standing, each map has multiple preset Evac Points. During a match’s Epilogue, a Dropship will appear at one of these preset Evac Points.
Airbase Angel City Boneyard Colony Corporate Demeter Fracture Lagoon Nexus Outpost 207 Overlook Rise Relic Smuggler's Cove Training Ground