Boneyard Pilot Hunter

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Boneyard Pilot Hunter


  • Be aware of where all the zip lines are located. This map is so large that if you get killed, it is worthwhile to backtrack to a nearby zip line, which you can usually find close to any spawn on the map. This will allow you to jump right back in the action.
  • The Ammunition Bunker is heavily saturated with minions. Keep an eye on this location if you see an enemy Pilot killing a ton of them. With the right timing, you will be able to take the enemy Pilot out without letting the enemy return any fire.
  • If you are continuously getting picked off when moving from building to building, you are likely running out in the open too much. Taking a slightly longer route with more cover is a good way to switch it up if you find yourself dying often.
  • This position is a great overview of the map and an incredible location to snipe from. The Kraber-AP is the best choice to snipe with because you will not have to lead your shots for these mid-range kills. Still having trouble landing your shots? The Longbow-DMR sniper rifle will allow you to rapidly shoot and apply more suppressive fire.
  • Controlling the Marvin Building is a very effective tactic. Players have plenty of areas to take cover when being shot at. The Marvin Building also allows you to provide cover fire towards the Ammunition Bunker and Research Lab.
  • A player running Cloak and the EVA-8 Shotgun can do heavy damage on this map. Run along the outskirts of the map and use your Cloak when approaching buildings. Remember to switch locations after you have killed an enemy Pilot to keep the enemy guessing at all times.