Boneyard Last Titan Standing

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Boneyard Last Titan Standing


  • The turrets on this map are usually away from the battles. However, you can bring the fight to a friendly turret by running to it when you are weak and letting the turret turn the fight in your favor.
  • The Atlas is the all-around Titan to go with for this map. Boneyard has open areas that you need a couple dashes to safely cross and the Atlas provides the armor you need to win the heads-up battles.
  • With so many open areas, this map is great for sitting back and delivering long-range damage with the Plasma Railgun. If you are the aggressive type, push forward with your team and use the Quad Rockets to guarantee some close- to mid-range damage.
  • Don’t get yourself trapped in the center of the map near the skull. Your Titan will be exposed from multiple areas and can be destroyed within seconds. Try to only swing by this spot when your team has more Titans standing.
Pro Tip: Flamesword

Place your Titan in Auto-Titan mode in a safe place off the start. Equip a sniper rifle of your choice and look towards the enemy’s initial spawn point to see where the enemy Titans and Pilots are moving towards. Be sure to communicate to your team what you see. If the enemy also has a Pilot running around trying to scout the area, pick the Pilot off with your sniper and then return to your Titan to finish the fight with your team.

  • If your team is feeling sneaky, flank with three of your team’s Titans through the Trail while holding back the other three Titans on the team near your spawn. The Titans sneaking through the Trail need to communicate when they are closing in behind the enemy Titans so the other three Titans waiting near your spawn can push up and sandwich the other team. Communicate with your team to focus on shooting one enemy Titan at a time to take down the pack quickly.