Boneyard Hardpoint Domination

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Boneyard Hardpoint Domination


  • When holding Hardpoint B, your biggest threats will be Titans coming from the Trail or Pilots coming from the Arch. Instead of hiding inside of Hardpoint B with your Pilot, be the aggressor and take control of the Arch. If you have a Titan, put it at the end of the Trail near the Arch where you can cut off enemies trying to take the Trail or go on the Arch.
  • The Ammunition Bunker is a good place to catch enemies off guard and watch Hardpoints A and B. Most Pilots will sprint through this building, unprepared to fight, making them easy kills.
  • Hardpoint C is located inside the Marvin Building and has many tricky spots that can be used to capture the objective and take cover from enemies. Once captured there are two areas above that you can hide on until you see an enemy Pilot trying to capture your objective. Once you see the bar move, be sure to ambush the unaware enemy.
  • The most effective strategy on this map is to hold Hardpoints A and B. Hardpoint C is accessible by a Titan, but is far away from the other two, while Hardpoints A and B are close to one another. If you are a medium- to long-range shooter, posting up on the Spine or the front of the Research Lab is a great location to spot enemy Pilots.
  • A great tactical ability for this map is Active Radar Pulse. When you notice your teammates are down, retreat back to one of your objectives inside and use the ability. You will be able to spot incoming attackers and get the jump on them.