Boneyard Capture the Flag

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Boneyard Capture the Flag


  • When running the flag from the Marvin Building, don’t use the zip line that leads out the front unless you have a friendly Titan waiting to pick you up. You’ll be exposed so much that any enemy could pick you off.
  • When running the flag from the Landing Pad with a Titan, use the Trail. This path provides the most cover and lets you run the flag safely in the back door for a capture.
  • Holding the Spine and Arch will allow you to control the pace of the game. It sets up opportunities for pushing on the enemy’s flag or defending your own flag.
  • With a turret near each flag, players will want to activate these right off the start. The turrets assist in covering a side and alerting you that an enemy Pilot or Titan may be nearby.
Pro Tip: Flamesword

Once you grab the flag in the Landing Pad area, take the southeast zip line that leads all the way back to the Research Lab. You will see another zip line along your way, near the middle of the map. Hit crouch at the right time to drop to the lower zip line, which will bring you above the Ammunition Bunker. Then it is just a little run to capture the flag.

  • This is great spot for cover—enemies will be unaware of your location. This position provides a great line of sight towards the flag, allowing you to gun down an enemy if your foe decides to pull the flag.