Boneyard Attrition

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Boneyard Attrition


  • The top of the Arch is great for picking off minions and Pilots with a Suppressor. Use a R-101C Carbine or G2A4 Rifle to best control these mid-long-range fights. Even though it seems like a great sniping spot, it can be difficult to hit your shots with a sniper rifle at such a steep angle.
Pro Tip: Walshy

When holding the lower Research Lab, be sure to stay inside where you have more cover and put shots on the Ammunition Bunker. This roof should only be used for the wall run connecting the two zip lines, which allows you to zip line away, or to ambush an enemy inside of the Research Lab.

  • The Ammunition Bunker is a great location to run back and forth from each door. You will find this area to be saturated with minions, allowing you to score easy points while reducing your build time for Titanfall.
  • When roaming the map with a Titan, it is best if you have a friendly Titan nearby. This map has many narrow paths that encourage enemy Pilots to rodeo attack you and fire Anti-Titan weapons from a distance. An allied Titan nearby will provide you and your teammate more angles to fire from and force enemy Pilots to deal with you. This will allow you to have control of your Titan and destroy every enemy Pilot attacking you.
  • No buildings are safe on this map. The map design promotes many close-quarter battles, both with minions and Pilots. Players with SMGs that stay inside the buildings will be able to shoot minions at a distance and then destroy enemy Pilots that decide to challenge you head on while inside.
  • Take advantage of the zip lines around the map when needed. Use them when cloaked or to escape from losing battles, but don’t just freely jump on them without scoping the area. A lot of the action happens in the middle, so blindly jumping on zip lines can lead to death.
  • There are two turrets located on the map. Activate or hack these whenever you get the chance—the kills the turrets get will count towards your Attrition score.