Airbase Pilot Hunter

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Airbase Pilot Hunter


  • Height advantage is the key to success when playing this match, and the top of the Hangar is the perfect spot to go to. Enemy Pilots are forced to scale the Hangar from the side, putting them at a disadvantage as you will be prepared for them.
  • Killing minions is still important even though it doesn’t count toward your game score. Hunting minions is still the easiest way to gain Titanfall. Don’t stick in one location for too long as enemy Pilots will try to ambush you.
Pro Tip: Flamesword

The last place enemy Pilots would look at, a favorite spot of mine to snipe from, is on the support beam inside of the Big Ramp. A Pilot is provided with a great line of sight towards the Landing Pads and the open area outside of the Hangar leading to the Wildlife Control Tower. To get to this position you must wall run from the top of the Big Ramp towards the support beam.

Pro Tip: StrongSide

When running through the crates between the Hangar and Landing Pads, head towards the indent that connects the Landing Pads and Fuel Hub. The two walls allow you to shimmy all the way to the top of the Landing Pads or Fuel Hub. This jump is very useful to escape enemy Pilots or to change locations on the fly to find enemies.

  • Near the Fuel Hub is a structure that provides both incredible cover and a great overlook of the Landing Pads and Hangar. The only way up is to jump up, so be on the lookout for cloaked enemy Pilots who try to sneak up. Pick off enemy minions and Pilots roaming the Landing Pads.
Pro Tip: Walshy

A great strategy to use with your Titan is to activate the turret near the Stealth Bomber. Have an XO-16 Chaingun equipped and sit behind the Stealth Bomber looking towards the Hangar and Fuel Hub. The turret will shoot in the direction of enemies, which will aid you in spotting out enemy Pilots. Hold down that trigger and mow down enemies.