Airbase Last Titan Standing

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Airbase Last Titan Standing


  • Titans will want to stick close to one another throughout the entire match. How the match starts will be the key to success. When spawning on the Militia side, have two or more Titans head into the Hangar towards the IMC side. A Stryder in the front with Vortex Shield as its Tactical Ability will be able to stop incoming fire. This allows your team to gain control of the Hangar so you can make moves either through the Hangar or the bottom of the Landing Pads.
  • When starting on the IMC side, take the Big Ramp up towards the Landing Pads and immediately look across towards the ramp near the Control Tower. This ramp is the only spot the enemies can come from at the start, so stay aimed on it, ready to damage and kill enemy Titans.
Pro Tip: Walshy

I like to keep my Titan on the top of the Big Ramp where I can just see across the Landing Pads while still taking cover. Here I am able to assist friendly Titans engaging enemies coming from the other entrance to the Landing Pads.

  • When spawning on the side with the turret, quickly disembark your Titan and activate the turret. If your team decides to overload the Hangar and bottom of the Landing Pads, the turret will be able to shoot enemy Titans that overlook the Landing Pads.
  • Titan battles on Airbase are short to medium range. Equipping the XO-16 Chaingun or 40mm Cannon will excel in many of the battles, especially since battles commence quickly off the start. The Plasma Railgun will be effective for one Titan to have. Landing fully charged shots aids tremendously in taking out enemy Titans.
  • Control the Landing Pads because it is the highest ground on the map. There are only two ways to enter this area. You’ll be able to watch these two choke points and cut off any enemies with your entire team. If your team is overthrown on the Landing Pads, drop down and escape through the Landing Pads with a opening.