Airbase Hardpoint Domination

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Airbase Hardpoint Domination


  • Hardpoint A is located within the Turret Control building. Equipping a shotgun or SMG allows you to make quick work of enemy Pilots who enter. A Pilot will want to stay inside the Turret Control the entire game when defending. This allows your teammates to keep their focus towards controlling the other hardpoints. Communicate with your teammates if you are being attacked by many enemies, alerting your teammates to either come back to the hardpoint you’re controlling and defend it or give up the hardpoint you are controlling and move to another hardpoint to take control of it.
Pro Tip: Walshy

Having the Active Radar Pulse Tactical Ability with the Satchel Charge Ordnance will make you the ultimate defender when guarding Hardpoint A. Place the charges inside the capture radius near an entrance while you defend a different entrance. Use your Tactical Ability every time you can to see if enemies are approaching the area. If you notice an enemy approach the entrance where you have Satchel Charges set, double tap your reload button to detonate the charges immediately.

Pro Tip: StrongSide

When defending Hardpoint B, a great escape route is the jump in between the Hangar and Landing Pads. There are many ways to do this jump, but this is one way from the ground. First, start out by wall running and then jumping off the crate towards the yellow sign. Second, jump off of the sign towards the wall. Third, jump off the wall and back to the sign and either pull yourself up to the top of the sign or land on top of the sign. Finally, jump back towards the wall and double jump up and over. This can be hard at first, but give it some practice and you’ll have it down in no time.

  • Hardpoint B is accessible by Titans, making it a difficult objective to defend if your team has fewer Titans. When this is the case, head to areas saturated with minions to get a Titan quicker. When the time is right, trap the opposing Titans inside and recapture the hardpoint.
  • A quick way to get to Hardpoint C is to take the zip line from the Turret Control. Having Cloak as your Tactical Ability is a good choice when trying to sneak inside the Air Traffic Control Tower. Take the zip line with a shotgun while cloaked and then quickly clear out the Air Traffic Control Tower of enemies to easily capture the objective.
  • Controlling Hardpoints B and C is the best and most efficient way to win the match. As stated before, Hardpoint B is accessible by Titan, but instead of having your Titan underneath the Landing Pads, keep it above and guard Hardpoint C. The opening on the Landing Pads will allow you to rain fire from above with your Titan without dropping down to Hardpoint B.