Airbase Capture the Flag

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Airbase Capture the Flag


  • Each flag is placed within structures promoting close-quarter combat. One flag is inside the Turret Control while the other is inside the Wildlife Control Tower. Since they are placed in these structures, throw Arc Mines around the area to weaken or kill enemies who sneak in. Remember, it takes two Arc Mines to kill a enemy Pilot, but if an enemy Pilot is sprinting by, a Pilot will survive the blast sometimes.
  • A great location to defend the flag inside the Turret Control is the top of the Fuel Hub. The roof of the Fuel Hub has metal slants that provide you with cover and a view to spot enemy Pilots entering or exiting the flag area. If you move to the very top, you can spot enemies at a distance and take them out before they get close to the Turret Control.
Pro Tip: StrongSide

While having Enhanced Parkour equipped, using these wall runs will lead to an extremely fast flag route to run the flag from the Turret Control back to your base. Start out by wall running onto the yellow sign and then running into the Fuel Hub. Now make your way out the other balcony facing the Hangar. Make your next wall run on the wall of the Fuel Hub towards the Landing Pads. Jump and wall run onto the wall of the Landing Pads and wall run all the way to the Big Ramp. Once you’re wall running on the Big Ramp, wait until the last second to jump off, allowing you to get more distance towards your base. Your team should be near the base to assist you if any enemies are nearby.

Pro Tip: Flamesword

Position your Pilot on the roof of the Big Ramp with a sniper when going for the flag in the Wildlife Control Tower. A Pilot will be able to get easy kills and communicate to the team where enemies are moving to. Locking down this area allows your team to move in and grab a flag. Enemy Pilots will forget about you to kill the player with the flag. Take advantage of this and shoot the enemies as they turn their backs to you.

  • Having a Titan nearby when grabbing the flag inside the Turret Control can lead to a very fast capture. Grab the flag, immediately board your Titan, and take the passage underneath the Landing Pads. Underneath the Landing Pads provides a covered area and that is a good location for a one-on-one Titan battle if you have Particle Wall equipped. Kill any pursuing enemies and then continue back to your base for the capture. If you get caught underneath the Landing Pads in the Storage area, take your Titan underneath the landing pad with an opening. Here you’ll want to eject from your Titan out through the opening of the landing pad and land on top of the roof of the Big Ramp. On top of the Big Ramp, you’ll be able to wait for your teammates who will then assist you back to your base.
  • When defending the flag within the Wildlife Control Tower, a Titan equipped with the XO-16 Chaingun can easily guard the objective. Keep your focus towards the Hangar and the Big Ramp to ensure no enemy Pilots sneak by. Patrol back and forth from these locations to pick off enemies at the top of the Big Ramp or running through the Hangar.