Airbase Attrition

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Airbase Attrition


  • Off the start of the game, minions of both teams will move towards the Hangar and have a firefight. This causes Pilots from both teams to gravitate towards this area off the beginning of the game as well. Have your Ordnance grenades ready and throw them across the Hangar to pick off a few minions.
  • Off the start of the match, get to the top of the Hangar or on top of the crates that have a line of sight across the way. An enemy Pilot is most likely jumping up to crates or the roof of the Hangar on the enemy’s side of the map. Have a sniper rifle equipped to get a quick Pilot kill.
  • Don’t get caught off guard when heading towards the Hangar—clear out the north side of the Hangar first. An enemy Pilot will usually head this way, so be prepared for a battle. Take out the enemy Pilot and then continue forward through the Hangar. If no enemies come, you are able to easily move up and shoot into the Hangar through the windows to pick off enemy minions and Pilots.
Pro Tip: Flamesword

When I first spawn, if playing on the Militia team, I like to head to the turret close by and activate it. The turret’s kills add to your Attrition score, so this lets me move to other areas and kill more enemies. Once the turret is activated, I quickly wall jump off the billboard to make it to the top of the Fuel Hub. From up here I look towards the Hangar to pick off any wandering enemy Pilots.

  • In between the Hangar and Landing Pads is a high-traffic minion area with a ton of open crates that allows you to move in and out of the area. These crates become critical to use for cover as enemy Pilots will try to ambush you as you continue killing their minions.
  • The catwalks inside the Hangar is a great location to patrol. Minions constantly engage each other in this area. Put down fire from above on the catwalks and pick up some easy kills that will reduce your time for Titanfall. Pilots can shoot through the catwalks, so take advantage of this when an enemy is directly below you or above you.
  • When in a Titan, head towards the Landing Pads. This area will have plenty of minions to reduce the time on your Titan’s Core Ability. If you get ambushed by enemy Pilots or a Titan, keep in mind you can drop down the open Landing Pads to get away.
  • Titans are great for hit-and-run tactics inside the Hangar, with three total entrances that can be used to escape. Sweep through here periodically to kill enemies. Don’t get stuck inside for too long as a group of enemy Pilots or Titans can easily take you down if you are cornered.